Le Grand Détour


2 July 2017

I would start by apologising to Vancouver (and apologising is a proud Canadian tradition, so I am sure it will go down well), for not seeing more of it while I was there. I would also like to apologise to you, the readers, because this was intended to be the day where I actually did a lot of updates for this journal.


This is the hotel I stayed at. Probably one of the older buildings cluttering the Vancouver skyline.

That is not to say I did not see any of Vancouver, and I truly enjoyed my stay there. Walking around Stanley Park was very nice (as Canadians would say), and around English Bay, you could see the large container ships seemingly moored not far from where people were bathing. A strange view from a public beach, I suppose. But the ships has to be some way, I guess.


Yes, rocks indeed. I do feel disappointed that they forgot to add a 'sand' sign for the rest of the beach. And possibly a 'water' sign.

The walk around Stanley Park, called Seawall, also has a bike lane next to it. However, the bike lane was further from the ocean than the walking path, and was raised. Resulting in a potentially dangerous situation where bicyclists at high speed hitting the curb and possible hitting pedestrians as they lose control getting down from the curb.


The path on the left is the walking path, the raised area is the bike lane.

Now I realise why it was built this way, so that water from the ocean as waves hit against the seawall would be able to escape back into the sea. But have invented pipes and sewage systems that are far more complicated than what is necessary here to keep the bike lane lower than the walking path, as it ought to be.

But I know why; this is the half-assed solution. Indeed, a lot of infrastructure feels half-assed. As if there is never really money enough, or political will, they just seem to find the cheapest solution and it always feels a bit half-assed. But when regulations do not require better quality, why would one bother?


Siwash Rock by the Seawall. I was not the only one to take a picture.

Regardless, I went back to my hotel to relax. The same night I went to a restaurant called Forage, just near the hotel, which was excellent, if a bit more pricey than I expected. Although I did pick the most expensive item on the menu, so it might be my own damn fault. No regrets, though.


The Vancouver Skyline. Can you spot Trump Tower?

All in all, I had a great time in Vancouver, even if I only managed to see very few sights there. And later, you will see how Vancouver gets its revenge, as I stay two nights near Seattle without ever actually seeing Seattle. Take that!