Le Grand Détour


21 July 2017

When you see the name 'Yosemite', you might be keen to think it is pronounced 'yos-might'. But since English is dumb, that is not how it is pronounced. [1] As Wikipedia points out, it is pronounced yoh-SEM-it-ee. I mean, Americans maintained the 'e' sound at the end of 'Yosemite', but apparently forgot it at the end of 'coupé', they pronounce it like 'coop'. Amazing that they do not pronounce 'résumé' 'resume'.


Wet meadows in Yosemite.

But regardless of how Americans pronounce words, they have an incredible natural beauty. And Yosemite National Park is another location like this. I met a hitch hiker - from Poland - on my drive through the park, and it became clear to me that people would spend weeks if not months in the park. I did not spend an entire day there.


A creek!

I must make a confession. I did not see as much of Yosemite as I probably should have, but I do not regret my trip there. But mostly this was on my way from Reno to the next's day location. But it would be a mistake not to see Yosemite on my way. On my way to Fresno of all places.


The smoke. It is everywhere.

And I had the fortune to meet a friendly Pole, who apparently comes here quite often. Hearing from people who visit the park and hike around the park, was more interesting to me than seeing the park itself. Plus, she got to finally see a car from the old world again. A little bit of home.


The car hiding in plain sight.

As with near Lake Tahoe, the national park was also covered in smoke due to a nearby forest fire. I have yet to actually witness one, and I hope I do not have to. Besides, near Los Angeles, I do not believe there are a lot of trees.


[1]Full disclosure: Danish is also dumb.